Dear Founders, Listen to Your Customers and Understand Their Needs, Not Yours

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Ideas are all over the place. There are millions of ideas in the world. Most of which are real day-to-day challenges and difficulties. The best part is that no one can be certain about the real implications between ideas and real-life challenges.

Sometimes, we hear about new startups doing great in the market, only to find out that it’s something common. Startups like software development agencies can make decent money. Although the market can be saturated with such businesses, they can be the right fit for many people and businesses. People think that just because you have a simple idea or provide services that others are providing, you are supposed to be just another startup.

So, what is the problem?

What Do You Stand For?

The issue here is not the startup idea or the services that they are selling. It is the customers that need attention. The other element is the mission of the company. What does that company stand for? These questions can be very crucial to get customers to stay with you for a longer period. As many successful entrepreneurs say, it’s not just about onboarding new customers they are worried about; it’s about keeping them.

Know your values and share they to your customer. Make sure that you are clear about what you are doing and how you are doing it. The loyal customer will always trust companies that are true to their vision and always stand for what they believe in.

Do You Understand Your Customers’ Needs?

Startups need to understand the customers. This is only possible if they got in touch with them. No customer will ever waste his time finding a way to tell you about his needs after buying from you. If the experience was not to the level of his expectations, most will leave quietly — and most likely go for your competitors.

This is an important element, especially if you are selling a service based on a monthly or yearly subscription plan. It can be challenging to keep your customers happy, given that you are providing a need that your customer is after. This need can be likely replicated and represented in a more compelling offer. Such a concept is known as the “competitive advantage.”

What is your competitive advantage?

What makes your company more compelling in the eyes of the customer? What are your features that competitors don’t have or are presented in a better deal?

Lower price, more features, advanced details, better customer service, higher engagement rate, better delivery, cheaper return cost, higher quality, lighter, organic, last longer, work faster, etc.… All these and more can drive customers to you and make them leave you and go to your competitors. You better understand what they are after and present that value to them.

You Will Never Get All Customers

That is the truth for all the folks who try to get all the customers. You can never be everyone’s service. Some customers are not your customers. No matter how hard you try, do not attempt to satisfy everyone. Concentrate on your market segment and your niche customer base.

Apple, one of the best-selling companies in the world. They don’t serve all customers. Some of their customers actually leave to their competitors every day. Apple doesn’t bother to satisfy everyone. Otherwise, their products would never be the same, and most probably, they would never be here today as one of the top companies in the world.

Know your customers, listen to them, and serve them well.

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