How Can Bad Habits Be Good Influence?

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Habits are the activities and rituals that you are performing consistently without having to think about them. There are many habits in our daily life. Some of them are just a routine that we are used to daily — taking a shower, brushing our teeth, wearing our clothes, driving to work, etc. These are all habits that we are used to performing every day without thinking about the steps required to accomplish such tasks.

Bad Habits are Destructive

Everyone wants to break bad habits. The more we try to get rid of a bad habit, the more we resist and do it again. Take the habit of procrastination. We all are guilty of this bad habit. You are working on something, then you get bored and use your phone to kill time. That habit can become addictive as you do it over and over again. Thanks to social media platforms, today, it is easier to get distracted and procrastinate than before. Moreover, people are subjected to many distracting environments at work and home. Smartphones, emails, notifications, ads, and many more are some of the many reasons why people suffer from a sleeping disorder, insomnia, and other mental diseases.

How Can a Bad Habit be Good?

Bad habits are destructive because they get you into the slacking zone allowing you to procrastinate more. There are many habits that people believe can be bad for one’s daily lifestyle and routine. These habits, if altered in a way, can become good habits. Let me explain, suppose you have a habit of getting on your phone when you are working on something important. You tend to give yourself a break for 5 minutes and choose to scroll through Instagram. The 5 minutes turned into 45 minutes. The idea is to set these 45 minutes in advance, meaning you set 45 minutes of content consumption. So you know that you will be reading something during that time. Plus, set a time limit for the app so when you reach 45 minutes, the app closes. This way, you will convert bad habits to good habits.

Good Influence from Bad Habits

Take any bad habit and try to figure out your way to turn it into something good. Everyone could do this if they had the motivation to do so. We all like the shortest path to do anything. No one takes the harder path unless they are lost. This is why we need to understand that it is ok sometimes to take the long path to learn and get better at something. Leaving the shortest path behind on purpose is the best way to get out of our comfort zone and get better at something. Sometimes having to deal with a bad habit and acknowledging that it is bad and that you need to break it is a good indication that you are on the right path towards becoming a better person. Therefore, influence your overall habits and make you alert to any bad habits.

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”
Charles Duhigg

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