I’m writing for 90 minutes in the next 90 days.

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Hi, My name is Ahmad, a computer engineer from Kuwait. I’m a husband, a father of two toddlers, and a productivity guru — say what?!

Writing & Reading

I like reading non-fiction books, the other day — while listening to podcasts in my car — I came across an interview with a writer and enjoyed the whole story and how writing turned from a hobby into a full-time job. For writers, reading is also an essential part of any writer. The more writers read, the more they stumble upon writing styles, mistakes, and habits. Technically, I’m a new reader myself, and I did not focus on reading before — that is a different story. Although my primary language is Arabic, English is more comfortable for me to write since I like reading English books, plus my educational background was in English. That doesn't mean that I’m abandoning Arabic writing; I might write in Arabic later in my blog.

The Why

After listening to the Audio-book “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma, I have decided to pursue writing as my 90901 rule. The author explained the 90901 as doing (1) thing for (90) minutes a day and giving it all your effort and focus for (90) days. Thus, I choose writing. Why? For two reasons:

  1. I’m at the end of my MBA journey, and it is time to do my final thesis, I thought to myself, “what is the one most important skill that I need to hone?“ yup, writing.
  2. I’ve always wanted to create helpful content and someday write a book. What is a better way to get started? Writing.

The How

This is my first post on Medium, and it is just to hold me accountable for this challenge. I already marked my calendar for the next 90 days and time-blocked 90 minutes for the practice. I’m not going to focus on one topic or one field, but generally, I’ll be writing on what I’m working on and what I like to read, including productivity, books, fitness, business, learning, and e-commerce.

Take a deep breath, have a nice day. — Ahmad




・Writing・Self Development・Productivity・Entrepreneurship・E-Commerce・Business・

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Ahmad Aloun

Ahmad Aloun

・Writing・Self Development・Productivity・Entrepreneurship・E-Commerce・Business・

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