Important Points About Developing a New Skill

Ahmad Aloun
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Developing a new skill that you did not know about other than looks is hard but doable.

The main idea here is the following…

“Practice makes perfect.”

The more you practice a skill, the more it would become easy. People always view a new skill as something impossible. The people who can do it easily are gifted, and this is not true, take any skill and extract — or look into — all the needed tasks to accomplish the desired skill.

Let’s take a closer look into solving the Rubik's cube. To many, it is tough and impossible to solve. Not knowing how the cube is being solved is just plain ignorance about the skill — that’s it. To say that a particular skill is hard, first, you have to try it yourself and learn how to get it right. After that, you may rate the level of learning as easy or hard.

Solving The Rubik’s cube

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Solving the Rubik's cube is easy. All that you need to know is a couple of algorithms — moves — and you are set. I had no background or previous skills in solving the Rubik's cube. I started to look for Youtube videos on how it is solved. After a couple of weeks, I got the main idea and started to get comfortable solving it. In the first month, I needed to look at the algorithm when I forget them — it was not straightforward. After a few months, I was able to solve the entire cube completely. Then I wanted to be better at it. So I practiced more each day. Today I can solve the 2x2 Rubik's cube in less than 20 seconds — see the following video:


Juggling might seem something only top performers can handle. Ever tried it? No? why not? It's just a skill. It can be done by practice, and the more you practice, the better you can get at it. I tried to juggle 3 tennis balls, and I didn't get the basic move in 3 months. It takes time. This is why people say it's impossible or hard. Think about it, it’s just another skill that needs certain techniques to follow, and you can eventually achieve it.

Today I can juggle 4 balls. I also can juggle 3 clubs — the same as the gif above. Yes, it is fun to get to a point where you can learn a new skill, which could be something that you can expand.

Combining Skills — The Next Level

Now imagine that you know how to solve the Rubix’s cube and know how to juggle. What can you get out of it, you might ask?

The answer is Genus world record. See the following video — and no, that’s not me:

What Can You Get From This?

Learning a new skill is doable. Suppose you are a student, employee, doctor, teacher, performer, etc. You can teach yourself new skills. Getting things done can be easier and more enjoyable. Try to find something that you can use at your work. Learning a new language is a skill. Learning how to type after on the keyboard is a skill that can increase your work productivity daily.

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