So, I Created My First NFT. Here’s How It’s Going…

Ahmad Aloun
3 min readSep 1, 2021


Yesterday, I was at work and seeing all the hype on Twitter about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — here’s an article explaining it in more depth. People are buying NFTs like crazy like it’s the next big thing after the hype of Bitcoin. I knew what NFT is and expected that it would get to this point: people are buying jpegs for millions of dollars.

I was chatting with my friend about it and thought, why don’t we create our very own NFT for our brand? The idea was random, and because I was bored, I decided to give it a shot.

I went to and decided to create a new NFT for myself. The process was so easy that my friend commented, “I told you this is a scam!” I said “we’ll do it for fun, and because we can.” 5 minutes later, I uploaded our first NFT; it was the iconic logo of our startup brand, “Feesha.” It is an online marketplace for video games and accessories.

Feesha’s first NFT on

How Did I List My First NFT?

It was simpler than creating a Facebook page.

You create a wallet like Metamask, sign in on, press the create button, and you are good to go. Just fill in the name, URLs, description, upload the actual jpeg, png, gif, etc. and click publish. That is it.

How People are Taking it?

The more I surf, I discover that some more punks and apes are more expensive than getting a private jet. I can say for sure that NFTs are going somewhere soon. People are divided into three groups:

  • Some people are treating it as another scam.
  • Others treat it as the next big thing and are buying like crazy not to miss out (FOMO).
  • The rest of people are just looking at the bubble to burst — like what some people were waiting on in 2017, then went ahead anyway and bought some 0.001 Bitcoin because they couldn’t afford more, while they could have got 100s of Bitcoins when the “bubble mindset” was a thing.

He’s a tweet about NFT that can make you wonder where is this thing going?

Are We Set to Be Millionaires?

So did we get bids yet? No. Until then, this question can’t be answered.

Starting to list and sell NFTs just for the sake of listing jpegs is fine, but if you are not representing anything in return, or you are not Tesla, then you are probably just pixels on the Etherium blockchain.

In case our NFT boomed and got bids like crazy to the point where it is not easy to get it, you can have it anyways; here you go:

(Just right-click & save) — You’re welcome.

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