When to Say NO to New Opportunities?

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— 1 —

  • Suppose you are fine with having a good company and think you can handle multiple projects simultaneously and manage people and resources. Then you are good to go for it.
  • However, If you are looking to build a great company and want to play the long game, then stick with one project at a time and try to say no to other opportunities that might interfere with your current game.

— 2 —

  • If you are passionate about what you are currently doing, I don’t see that sabotaging your current venture with a new one will help.
  • You could end the venture that you do not see any progress from and start the new venture only if you figured out that you are more passionate about the new venture.

— 3 —

  • If you are motivated by money — which is fine to have — you might want to consider looking into it in more depth. In my opinion, saying yes to ventures driven by the financial motive is completely fine, but if it was the only reason, then the venture is prone to failure before it even starts.
  • Having a passion for what you are doing is key, but you might not have passion and still get the job done great, then you are good at what you do, and your motive for money plus your skillset is working for you.

— 4 —

  • If saying yes is taking you away from what you love, then don’t say it. Leaving a job that you enjoy and love doing for another that is less enjoyable is the worst decision you can make.
  • If it is taking you to places that you dreamt of going to, or if saying yes means that you will work on something that brings you joy, happiness, and self-improvement, say yes, even if it means less money.

“Money does not bring happiness if it was made while being unhappy.”

— 5 —

  • Will saying yes to an opportunity means that you will learn something new? If yes, while not harming your current ventures and plans, then go for it. However, if you are not going to learn from starting something new, you can skip it and say no if it does not add anything to your personal skills or your team.



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Ahmad Aloun

・Writing・Self Development・Productivity・Entrepreneurship・E-Commerce・Business・